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Absolut Elyx: Skål! #HeresTo

Absolut Elyx‘s new campaign pays homage to the toast, or as it’s expressed in the brand’s home country of Sweden, “Skål” (meaning cheers). For centuries “Skål” has been exclaimed in Swedish gatherings from midsummer nights to smorgasbords. These are joyous celebrations where everyone is invited to toast and express their gratitude for the moment through speech, song or simply a warm exchange of eye contact with all those at the table.


Jonas Tahlin, CEO of Absolut Elyx:

We’re proud of our heritage. It’s that history and knowledge that allowed us to create one of the world’s best sipping spirits. And today we are proud to launch Skål, a campaign inspired by our heritage, but this time we’re inviting our fans to actively take part during the act of toasting both in person and online.

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