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Beck’s: Sapphire

Beck’s (Germany) started 2013 by introducing Beck’s Sapphire, its golden pilsner brewed with German Saphir aroma hops, which are traditionally used as a finishing or conditioning hop. Inspired by the rarest sapphire gemstones, brewed to 6 percent ABV and served in an exclusive sleek black glass bottle that required over two years development, Beck’s Sapphire represents a new standard for premium beer in high-end occasions, and is available at high-end clubs, bars and restaurants, as well as in grocery and liquor accounts in the US in 12-oz black glass bottles in six- and 12-packs.

Paul Chibe, vice president, U.S. marketing, Anheuser-Busch, comments:

Beck’s Sapphire continues and builds the great brewing tradition of the Beck’s brand. Brewing with rare Saphir hops gives Beck’s Sapphire an incredibly delicious taste that will make you think differently about Beck’s.